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Become a member of the Vernacular Social Club. Our membership program connects you with professionals, passionate amateurs, and institutions who have a deep commitment to vernacular photography.

As an active member, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • You’ll receive all our REVU publications by post, no matter where you are in the world.
  • You can submit your work for potential publication in REVU or STORIES.
  • You’ll have exclusive access to the members’ area, which includes:
    • Never-before-seen Stories created by members.
    • Extended podcast interviews.
    • In-depth articles related to our REVU publications.
    • Special offers on selected books and publications.
    • You’ll stay informed about all the Club’s exhibitions, events, and other activities.

Our goal is to be inclusive. If you are unable to pay the membership fee due to personal financial reasons or because 50 euros is not proportionate to your income in your area, please contact us; we can offer suitable rates.

On the other hand, if 50 euros a year does not represent a significant expense for you, you can make an additional one-off donation to support less well-off members.

What do we do with your membership fee and donation?

The Vernacular Social Club is a non-profit organization. Thanks to your contributions:

  • We produce our journal REVU.
  • We organize events and exhibitions to promote vernacular photography and documents.
  • We support some of our members’ creations and publications.
  • We cover infrastructure and other operating costs.